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Why Does My Wood Burning Stove Keep Going Out?

Unlike gas stoves, lighting a wood burning stove can be something of an art form.

With a little experience most stove owners become highly proficient at getting a roaring fire going. However one common problem experienced by new wood burning stove users is that their fire keeps on going out. […]

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Understanding Flues for Wood Burning Stoves

When buying a wood burning stove it can be tempting to focus all your energy on selecting the perfect stove – without any consideration for the flue. However the reality of the situation is that a properly-fitted flue should be considered just as important as the stove itself. Indeed, […]

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How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Swept (and Why?)

Like servicing your car, stoves run best with a degree of regular maintenance.

Possibly the most important maintenance task for all for stove-owners is keeping their chimney in tiptop condition. Doing so allows exhaust fumes from your stove to safely vent into the outside atmosphere, keeping your home smoke-free and […]

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4 Smart Reasons to Install a Wood Burning Stove

According to recent figures, wood burning stoves are experiencing something of a revival. HETAS reports that over the last 5 years, installations of wood burning stoves have increased by an astonishing 50%. But why?
Stoves Turn a House into a Home
Today’s modern wood burning stoves are a world away from […]

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Legal Options for Installing a Wood Burning Stove

There is a lot more to enjoying your shiny new wood burning stove than simply purchasing it from the showroom. Firstly you’ll also need to do your due diligence with regards to siting the stove, together with the ancillary requirements of chimneys, flues and lining.

Furthermore it is important to […]

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A Slice of Dorking History

Dorking Stoves has been trading in Dorking for over 40 years.  The current site at South Holmwood has been our home for nearly 18 years now. Before that we had ten happy years at Leonard House in Vincent Lane (now CTD Tiles) – in fact the Holly and Laurel […]

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On the Ball

It doesn’t seem like 20 years ago but we recently came across this article in the 1997 Fireplace Yearbook.

Judith and Geoff (now Lady Judith and Sir Geoff) Hurst contacted us back in 1996 and asked us to install a complete fireplace and Dovre stove package for them at their […]

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Connecting rooms with a wood burning stove

Homeowners looking to add a little something to their homes will be astounded by the Riva Studio Duplex woodburner. This versatile woodburner can create two distinctive looks in two different rooms from the very same fire.
Stovax Riva Studio Duplex shown with a Profil frame

For those looking to incorporate a stunning centrepiece to […]

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Jotul tips for burning wood



Author Lars Mytting has written a very successful book called Hel ved (a book about firewood) which offers advice on important aspects to consider when lighting a fire.


The wood is utilised in the best way when the draught control is fully open and the […]

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Why should you invest in a clean burn wood stove?

Technical advances in stove design such as Cleanburn technology ensure that most stoves and fires have outstanding efficiencies. A Cleanburn wood burning stove results in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.
Huntingdon 35 wood burning stove

Cleanburn technologyintroduces a supply of pre-heated air through a heat exchanger […]

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