We aim to provide a comprehensive product selection where clients can see old and new fires, fireplaces and stoves, in a wide variety of designs, styles and fuels, backed up by excellent technical advice and customer service.building

We promote the use of wood fuel and efficient gas appliances wherever possible to enhance the sustainability of the appliances provided, whilst accepting that in some cases there will be just no substitute for a really good open fire! We therefore aim to provide all options for client consideration.

We aim to provide a good, safe and enjoyable working environment for our employees, customers and visitors. In so doing we retain a high calibre of staff  which in turn provides an excellent facility for our clients.

We are a family business and we retain strong family values. We carefully select our manufacturing partners, using only those that can support us in the good times, but importantly also on the odd occasion when things go awry.

We provide excellent value for money for our clients, not necessarily by selling the cheapest products, but by providing quality products with good track record and good old fashioned service at a sensible and sustainable price point.

We use the internet, email and modern systems to aid our ability to provide top quality service. We will always look to compete with other firms on a like for like basis.company_top

We provide high quality of product throughout a very wide range of categories including antique fireplaces and stoves, accessories, flue pipes and chimney systems, right through to ultra modern contemporary gas fires, all of which are selected for their quality and integrity. We use our considerable purchasing power to ensure margins and prices are at their keenest whilst retaining the findamental quality of our offering.

In all matters we will strive to maintain our keywords of Quality, Variety, Integrity.