It doesn’t seem like 20 years ago but we recently came across this article in the 1997 Fireplace Yearbook.

Judith and Geoff (now Lady Judith and Sir Geoff) Hurst contacted us back in 1996 and asked us to install a complete fireplace and Dovre stove package for them at their home in Walton on Thames. We also lined the chimney and built the chimney breast, complete with warm air convection system.

They were delighted with the finished result, as the article goes on to explain. So much so in fact, that they contacted us again when they moved to St.George’s Hill, Weybridge and we installed for them again.

Dorking Stoves is still going strong and with our selection of Fireplaces and Stoves looking better than ever, and our Guildford showroom now firmly established as well, ¬†we’re still hoping that we may one day get our own hat trick!