In our showrooms you will find the most wide ranging selection of Traditional Fireplaces. We have both new and antique fireplaces in traditional styles.

You will see fireplaces in Stone, Marble, Slate, Timbers of all types and shades, Cast Iron and Polished Steel. We have approximately 200 fireplaces on display though the selection and number does vary all the time.

Around two thirds of our selection are reclaimed or antique fireplaces, and these are of course not repeatable items. The remainder of our display which amounts to some 50-100 fireplaces is selected from a variety of quality fireplace suppliers such as Chesney’s, Stovax, Wessex Stone, and Acquisitions among others.

Stovax offer the widest range of fireplaces including cast iron arches and hob grates, wooden surrounds, marble surrounds, Reproduction Victorian fireplaces, and so on.

Acquisitions offers another top quality range of Marble and Limestone surrounds, together with beautiful cast iron and polished steel inserts, grates, and accessories.

The Wells Group is a masonry company that offer gorgeous fireplaces in Bath Stone and Cotswold stone. Each fireplace is handcrafted to order and can be customised and personalised to suit the individual requirements.

We also offer a range of smoother, more formal limestone fireplaces, and these can also be made in Carrara Marble, Green Slate or even the purest white statuary marble.

Of course with new fireplaces we are able to have any fireplace you like made to your exact specification of size and design. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to provide any help in designing and deciding on your new fireplace.

Almost all the fireplaces can be equipped for real fire, gas fire or even electric fire use.

For more information on our traditional Antique fireplaces please also see our Antiquities page

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Traditional Stone Fireplaces

We supply a wide variety of traditional stone fireplaces, all are made to measure to suit your requirements and choice of fire – be this an open fire, convector box or closed stove. The photograph here shows a Portchester fireplace with Efel Harmony stove installed.

Traditional Marble Fireplaces

We display and sell a wide variety of traditional reproduction fireplace surrounds in marble. The photo here shows the Acquisitions William IV fireplace surround in Carrara marble together with matching hearth and a decorative cast iron insert.